Best NFL Football Games to Bet in Week 11
There are a number of high-profile NFL games in Week 11. As always with the NFL, things can swing wildly from week to week. The high amount of parity in the league also leads to the spreads on most games being tight. Trying to parse through which team can gain ...
Best NCAA Football Games to Bet in Week 12
This weekend is littered with a number of important conference games, including a number of high-profile rivalry games. There will also be a large number of teams throughout the country on the borderline of being bowl-eligible that will want to leave their stamp on the season. Here’s a look at ...
Best NFL Football Games to Bet in Week 10
There are a number of angles to look at every NFL game. Styles make fights, and in professional football, how teams matchup can see teams that don't have the talent to win big spring upsets from week to week. There will be a number of underdogs this week looking to ...
Best NCAA Football Games to Bet in Week 11
There are a lot of fun matchups for the Week 11 slate in college football. With certain leagues, especially in the Big 12, offenses are capable of putting up numbers like they are in a pinball machine. While the paces teams play at, it is hard for defenses to keep ...
Best NCAA Football Games to Bet in Week 10
The College Football Playoff rankings have set the stage for a big week for college football. With Maction starting, there are now college football games on nearly every day of the week except for Sunday and Monday. While it is difficult to keep all of these games and contests straight, ...
Best NFL Football Games to Bet in Week 9
Teams are beyond the patient point of their season. As people look for ways to stay in the postseason hunt, NFL teams are starting to take risks to create a spark. Some, like the Washington Commanders playing Taylor Heinicke, seem to be paying off. Others, like the Pittsburgh Steelers switching ...
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